hair volume

With New Year you should be learning new things, if these things involve self-care then you should definitely pay more focus on it. In this New Year, many people have set resolutions for themselves to be more self-caring. You should also be learning new ways to style yourself. When it comes to your hair you can try a lot of new things in this New Year, You can also try making your hair look better if you have curly hair you can try out giving your flat curls some volume. The best way for the curls to look is by having some volume in them when you don’t have volume in your curls there will end up looking dead. For that, you may also need some products that you can buy from online stores like Megorgeous.


Basically, Megorgeous is an online store so if you are looking for getting some volume in your curls you should look for things that can help you get it. You should be using products that will create the volume and definition on its own. You can also use the air accessories to give some volume to your hair. Hair extensions play a great role in creating volume in your hair. You can buy these hair extensions and wigs from this online store very easily.

Volume in curly hair

Volume and curly hair g hand in hand. If you have curls you definitely should have volume in your hair, if you dint have natural volume there are different ways you can create it. By these methods, your hair will be styled in such a way to make your hair look voluminous.  Not only that, but it will also give your hair the healthy bounce that your curls deserve. Following are a few ways you can give your hair volume this year


The diffuser is the best way to create the volume in your hair. It gives your curls such a definition and bounces that your hair deserves. Using a diffuser in the right way is also very important. Once you have applied all the products you need to let your hair air dry for a bit. Diffuse only when your hair is only damp and not dripping any water.

Pick your hair

Picking your hair is just like teasing them. The best thing about picking hair is that you can do it once you have styled your hair. There is one thing that you need to be careful about while doing this. You should never pick the upper layer of your hair otherwise it will cause a frizzy look. You can buy a good hair pick for this reason.

Good hair cut

One thing that most of the people don know is that a good hair cut is important if your hair cut is weighing your curls don you won’t be able to get volume in them so make sure your hair cut is layered and is giving your hair a good amount of volume.

Root clipping

Root clipping is also very important it helps you lift your hair from the roots, So what you need to do is attach the clips in your hair partitions on roots so that your hair is lifted. This way when your hair is in the drying phase you will be getting a lift at the roots, Tis method id very convenient for people who don’t have enough lift in their hair at the base.

Blow-dry upside down

If you have to diffuse or blow dry your hair make sure your head is upside down. This way your hair will be drying in that pattern and will give you a lift.