keep your straightened hair

When you straighten your hair you expect them to stay like that for a while. This is somehow impossible for the people who have extremely stubborn curls. But you can use different techniques to keep your hair straightener for longer periods. Most of the time people end up using more of the heat for that purpose. But using more and more heat in your hair will end up causing the damage that will be hard to recover from. You don’t really need a lot of the products in order to keep your hair straight for longer periods. Instead, you just need the right techniques and the products for that purpose. You can easily buy good quality products for this reason for online stores like Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is online where you can buy almost all the products for your hair needs. You can buy products that can help you style your hair in the perfect style you want. Along with that what your hair needs is the care and you can get that from this online store as well. You need to buy good quality products if you want better results. Buying these products is very easy from online stores like this one. Having it delivered to you just add more to the perks.

Tips on keeping your hair straight

When you want to avoid the heat damage then you should look for the ways that will keep your hair straightener for longer times. This way you won’t have to straighten your hair again and again. Instead, you can enjoy this different look for the longer periods. Following are some of the things that you can do in order to

Straightening products

You can use different straightening products that you can use along with the use of your flat iron. You can keep them in the perfect straightened state by the use of those products. These products lock your hairstyle in and this way you will be able to keep your hair straighter for longer periods without using a straightener again.

Wrap your hair when you sleep

If you want to keep your hair straight for more than a day then you have to keep them wrapped overnight to be able to do that you can just wrap your hair around your hair. Or you can also toe your hair in a very loose braid. This will give your hair slight waves but protect your hair from curling.

Cool blow-dry

Blow drying your hair will allow you to straighten them a bit before or at least get rid of the stubborn curls. You can also straighten up some of the waves that you have in your hair by the help of cool blow-drying.

Setting spray

Using a little bit of the setting spray can help you keep your hair in the straightened state. You can just keep your hairstyle in that state longer and this way you can also avoid the frizz in your hair.

Don’t iron your hair when they are wet

You should never straighten your hair when they are wet or even damp. If you do it on the damp hair then your hair might get frizzy. So it’s better to straighten your hair when they are completely dry.

Use the right flat iron

The choice of flat iron is very important and you should make a wise choice. You should most definitely buy one which has the temperature changing ability. Depending on the thickness of your hair you can select the heat of your straightener. You should do each section of your hair with good precision.

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