Different ways to use hair oil

Hair oil can do a lot of good to your hair and scalp as well. Some people don’t believe the idea of using the oil in their hair but they are quite beneficial for your hair. Most of the people with oily hair don’t even come close to any of the hair oil. But in fact when you dint use hair oil the scalp will start producing more and more sebum which will make your hair even oilier. Now hair oil and the sebum are completely different things so you will need t hair oil for the nutrition. Sebum only acts as the protectant for your scalp and will provide no moisturization to your hair. So you will have to buy the hair oils or the hair care products that contain the hair oils in them. You can buy these products from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Hair oils

There are different types of hair oils and all these oils are very different from each other, some of them are heavier than the other. This hair oils also differ in their nutritional value. So that is why the purpose of each of the hair oil is also very much different. Following are some of the ways these hair oils can be used


Pre-poo is the product that you use before shampooing your hair. You allow this certain product to do its magic and then you wash it away with the help of a good cleanser. This is best when you have to remove the product buildup. It is also very important when you have to provide nutrition to your scalp. You can use the peppermint oil to reduce the inflammation in your scalp as well.

Control frizz

These hair oils will provide the lubrication to your hair and this will help them avoid the frizz in your hair. So if your hair gets frizzy a lot then you need to apply a very small amount in your hair strands. This will take your hair and will make them look shiner and even beautiful too. But you don’t have to apply the hair oil in your scalp for this purpose.

Finishing touch

When you are styling your hair sometimes they start looking dull. So to avoid that dullness you can add a small amount of the hair oil in your strands. You can apply the hair oil after straightening and curling your hair. Make sure the oil you are using is lightweight and is not weighing down your curls.


Detangling curly hair is really a struggle and to avoid that struggle you can use the hair oils. As we know the hair oils have the lubricating properties so what you need to do is apply some before you detangle your hair. This is also beneficial when you are opening your hair loss or are removing the protective style.

Shine in hair

You can add a little bit of the shine in hair by using these hair oils

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