Before you go buying hair extensions there are a lot of the things that you need to know like what you
should do and what you shouldn’t. Special care is needed at every step of the hair extensions because
they are quite expensive and you would want to keep them for a while. Following are some of the dons
and don’ts of the hair extensions.


 With hair extensions, you should always keep them clean especially when you are going to store
them so they are ready to be used next time.
 Combing them while they are wet is very important and should be done with a wide tooth comb
so that you will not have to deal with the hair breakage when they are dry.
 Use deep conditioning masks a lot to make its shelf life longer.


 You should never sleep with your clip hair extensions because that will tear your hair extensions.
 Don’t store them while they are dirty because that can cause microbial growth.
 Don’t keep them in humid places.
 Don’t throw them in the cupboard but instead hang them properly.
 Don’t curl or straighten them without a heat protectant spray and you can buy it easily from any
online store.

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