Detangling hair

While dealing with your curly hair you have to be very careful especially if you have the curly hair because curly hair is more prone to the hair breakage and they can get tangled easily. To get rid of these tangles you have to use the detangling products before you even detangle them and you can find these products from the online stores like Megorgeous. There are some things that you should do and the others you shouldn’t while you are detangling your hair.


Following are some things that you should do while detangling hair

  • You should detangle your hair wet and even better if you could do it with conditioner on so that your hair can glide easily through the comb.
  • You should start detangling your hair from the ends because if you do it from the top the tangles will get even worse.
  • What else should you do is that you should get a wide-tooth comb and if nit that then detangles your hair with the help of your fingers.
  • Another thing that is important is to section your hair and then detangle them.


Following are some of the things that you should not do

  • Detangling your hair without any conditioner is a big no and you shouldn’t do it because it will result in a lot of breakages. If you have extremely curly hair you should be using an emollient for the extra slip.
  • Rushing is not an option when you are getting your hair detangled because this way you will break a lot of your hair. When done with patience you will be able to do it neatly without any breakage,
  • When you have detangled your hair you should be touching them a lot unless you are styling them because touching your hair will disrupt it and may cause some more tangles.


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