Essential tips of you have a kid with curly hair

Having curly hair of own self is a hassle enough and then you have to deal with a kid topo. If you have a daughter with curly hair, dealing with her hair would be even harder than your own. When it comes to your own hair you are careful not make your hair tangle etc. But kids don’t care about that and their hair is likely to get dirty easily. That is why it is hard to deal with the kids with curly hair. Even the products that you have to use should be kids specific. You should be using gentler products that can’t be bad for your kid’s hair. Luckily you can now easily find such hair care products from online stores like Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is an online store from where you can buy the products from any age group. If you want to fond the hair care products then you will easily be able to find the products that are for the adults and the kids as well. Depending on what your child likes you can make an on-line purchase from its store. The products are delivered then to your delivery address. This won’t even take much of the time and the products are very affordable.

Tips on dealing with kids having curly hair

Tips and tricks are very important when it comes to the kids having the curly harm that is so important so that you don’t feel this is annoying. Even if you are dealing with patience if anything goes wrong kids want to be patient about it. So following are some of the tips that you need to learn about this.

Wash less

Now since kids play around all the time, you will feel like they need hair wash more often. But the only thing that you will get out of it is an annoyed child. Also as you know curly hair takes a lot of the time so you need to avoid doing that. Continuous washing can cause the scalp to get dry so that is another reason as well. Instead of doing that you can use a co-wash method for your kid’s hair.

Protective styling

Now with the curly hair, you already know that struggle of this hair getting all tangles. So what you need to do is to keep their hair in the protective style. This way their hair will be protected as well and you will find it easier to maintain their hair. Protective styling is much better than the loss because they are easier to remove. Locs, on the other hand, are very difficult to detangle and is something you don’t want to experience with your kid. But if you are good at opening the loss ate you can go for this method as they will stay for a longer time.

Protect hair at night

As we know any other pillow other than silk can result in the tanged hair so what you need to do is to keep your child’s hair protected while they are sleeping, you can just use bonnets and scarves on then. But if it is annoying your child to wear a bonnet or scarf then you should go for the silk pillowcases instead.


A pre poos for your child’s hair is very important, make sure whatever you have has the extra slip in it. So before getting shampoo done you will have to detangle your child’s hair well using a pre-poo. This can be some kind of hair oil or even a conditioner. But make sure whatever you are using is children friendly.

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