Lipstick is one of our favorite make up products and the one that we use on a daily basis no matter what. What you need to know is that lipstick is not some new makeup products but it has been in the use of omen since very early in our history and here is how lipstick evolved into the form it is present


In 5000 BC the ancient Sumerians used to use to decorate their lips by crushed gemstones and around 3000 BC Cleopatra was known to pain her lips using the dye from crushed beetles and the ants.


In 500 AD the churches banned the use of lipstick and reasoned that use of lipstick was the challenge to the God


In this era even though churches still didn’t appreciate the use of lipstick but still Queen Elisabeth used to wear red lipstick made up of poisonous white lead and the red dye which later on became the reason of her death. But in 1800AD Queen Victoria believed lipsticks were impolite but still some women used it.


In 1920 the actress Clara bow made the use of red lipstick popular with a defined cupid’s bow. In 19230 the Vogue claimed that lipstick is the very important cosmetic for women and by 1950 lipstick was fashionable.

1960 to 1990

In the 1960s the women introduced the concept of nude lipsticks but later on celebrities like Julia Roberts and Madonna brought back the bold lip. In 1990s plum and other dark old shades were introduced.


Now today a lot of different styles of lipsticks are used and can be bought from different stores like an online store.

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