Eyelash Curler Mistakes

Using the makeup and beauty tools is very easy since you have watched about a million of the YouTube video on the makeup but using these beauty tools with care is very important because if not done in the right way instead of causing you to benefit they will also harm you in the worst way. Eyelash curler is one of the makeup tools that is used to curl your eyelashes and you must be thinking what harm can be done by it but that is actually not true.

Eyelash curler mistakes

Eyelash curler even though is a good makeup tool buy still needs to be used with care because now it is your eyelashes that are at risk. Following are some of the eyelash curler mistake that you need to avoid and why.
 Buying a cheap eyelash curler when it is apparent that its quality is not good will make you lose your eyelashes since sometimes the clamps are hard enough to tear your eyelashes. Make sure you are buying a good one when you are buying one from an online store.
 Applying mascara before eyelash curling is a mistake that you don’t want to make because it will make your mascara look clumpy and will also break your eyelashes?
 Clamping down too hard will not give you extra curl but the loss of a few eyelashes.
 Cleaning your eyelash curler is important since you don’t want your eyes and eyelids contaminated.

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