Eyeliner is one of the basic parts of makeup nowadays. It is one of the makeup products that change the whole look of yours and completes every makeup routine so perfectly. With a proper winged eyeliner, you can ace any makeup look you want to. There are many Eyeliner Styles and you can choose the
one that you think is perfect for you and you are comfortable using it. Following are some Eyeliner Styles that you can find on any online store.

Cake eyeliner

Cake eyeliner is the type of eyeliner which is to be applied with a wet brush. It is packed eyeliner and when you carry the product on your wet brush it applies so easily.

Gel eyeliner

Even better version of the eyeliner is the gel eyeliner and you don’t even need to wet your brush for it and is apply it smoothly.

Marker eyeliner

Marker eyeliner is the best because of the very narrow tip which is perfect for the wing eyeliner.

Stamp eyeliner

If even after all the practice you still can do a perfect wing eyeliner them eyeliner stamps are just for you because with the triangle stamp they will form a perfect wing for you.

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is jet black and shiny too and will really pop out with your eye makeup.

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