Eyeliner tips

If you are new to while makeup thing then you will need a few tips to start with this and that also
includes some of the eyeliner tips as well. You will need these tips so that you can know what you are
getting yourself into and how can you avoid the mistakes that every one of us makes at the beginner
level. If you are not just a beginner even then you may find some of the tips that may help you a lot with
some of the issues that you face while applying the eyeliner. Following are some of the eyeliner tips that will help you a lot.

Eyes before face

Before you can do your face makeup you should do your eyes first. The reason why you should start
with your eyes is that because you will have the opportunity to make errors without ruining your while
face makeup. If you decide to do your eyeliner at the end then there can be a chance that you will have
to remove it and in doing so you will get eyeliner everywhere on your face makeup. But on doing your
eyes first you will be able to clear up any black marks later.

Use different makeup tools

There are different makeup tools that will help you get the perfect eyeliner. You can get your winged or
cat eyeliner done by the help of these stencils and it will give you the perfect straight eyeliner. You can
also get it done by simply using the tape. Having angled and tilted brushes also help a lot. You can buy all these tools from Megorgeous.

Smoked eyeliner

You can also start with a smoked eyeliner and that can be done by simply applying a line of eyeliner on
the outline of your eye and then brushing it out to a certain angle and that will give you the smoked
wing look.

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