Factors Affecting Hair Growth

There are some reasons we know about hair growth and hair fall but there are some factors that we do not know and we keep thinking about the reason for the hair fall. As we all know that hair growth is affected by diet, environment, nutrition, medications, and hormonal imbalance. We will discuss some other factors too which are common and are affecting our health.


Your diet plays a very important role in your hair growth. If you want to grow your hair and prevent hair fall then you need to keep your diet very healthy like you can add more fruits and vegetables to your diet or you can also take extra supplements. You just have to keep the health of your scalp and follicles very good.


Age is one of the man factors as we grew older our follicles become weak like other body cells and muscles. It is the common factor among women and men but it is more prominent in men. The growth of your hair also slows down.


Weather can also affect growth vastly. It is said that the hair grows faster in a hot climate but the sun can also damage the hair. You should protect your hair from UV radiation. In cold weather, our hair becomes dry and frizzy.

If you are living in a harsh environment or the environment facing the problem of pollution or it has an excessive amount of toxins then it will damage the health of your hair


When you are young and your diet is good then your doctor will ask about any problem that you are facing in your practical life. When you take stress it can place your follicles to the resting phase which can lead to sudden hair loss.

Rest and Sleep:-

You have to take proper rest and sleep so that your cells of the body can recover properly. If you have problems like insomnia or you are facing the problem of restlessness, then you can clearly see an abrupt hair loss.

Genetic Factors:-

Some genetic factors play a very important role in hair colour, texture, density, and growth. So, there is a reason for the premature greying of hair and excessive hair fall after a certain age.


Some hormones also play a role in hair growth like thyroid hormone. Testosterone and estrogen are produced abnormally due to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism can affect hair growth. Estrogen, the female hormone, is increased during pregnancy and its level drops after childbirth which leads to the shedding of the hair. Testosterone, the male hormone, also one of the main causes of baldness in both men and women.

Scalp conditions and Shampoo:-

Hair growth is also affected by the scalp condition like you have dandruff or ringworms then it may slow down your hair growth. You should also choose hair shampoo precisely. Keep in mind that shampoo which has too many harsh products may lead to hair fall or extensive hair damage.

Lifestyle and other factors:-

If you are leading a happy and healthy life then definitely you will have a healthy look. But if you some bad habits like smoking and drinking then it will affect your health as well as your hair growth because if your health is declining then we can never say that your air growth is becoming better. If you have some physical problem like you are going through some disease like thyroid problem or cancer then it will definitely affect your hair but there are proper treatments and after that, your hair can recover.