Cat Eyes

Makeup is something that can easily transform you into a whole other person and the best example of
that is the cat eyes. Cat eyes are something that is not new and we have been seeing it for decades.
Now, this eye loo has emerged back in fashion from the past few years and have stayed that way. To do
the perfect cat eye all you have to learn to do is how to do a perfect cat eyeliner. Using the good
eyeliner and the perfect tools that are nowadays available you can easily do it with some practice. You
can buy these tools and such eyeliner and stencils from a number of different online stores like the
Megorgeous. Following is how you can do a perfect cat eyeliner.

Use of right brushes

We need a perfect eyeliner brush to do the cat eyeliner. You can find different eyeliner brushes available that makes drawing out the cat eyeliner very easy. There is also an angled brush that can just do the eyeliner in one stroke. So if you can find the right brush that you are comfortable with you will perfect the art of the perfect cat eyeliner.


Use of tape can also give you the perfect cat eyeliner. You can just apply the tape in a specific angle at
the outer corner of your eyes and the eyeliner along the line and this will give you these perfect cat


You can also buy the stencils and placing it in the eye you can fill it in with the eyeliner and this will give
you’re a beautiful cat eyeliner.

Draw out the inner corners

You will also need to draw the eyeliner at the inner corners to make them more pointed and also make
sure it is directed downwards and that will add the more to the effect.

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