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You can find a lot of amazing things from the cosmetics store like lots of makeup and you already know what wonders makeup can do. Most of the people like their face the way it is but some also like to see what winders the makeup do and how it enhances your features. When it comes to enhancing your
features most of the people direct their attention towards the face filler and even though those fillers
look good they are quite expensive so you can fake these fillers and can enhance your face features using just makeup products. Following are some of these products that you can buy from an online store
like Megorgeous.

Contour am Concealer

Using a contour and concealer you can make your features enhance and your cheekbones will look great
like this. Contour highlights and shadow your cheeks on the proper way. Concealer not only conceals the
under eyes dark circles but will also brighten the area making it seem lifted and that is exactly what you need.

Use of lip liner

You should over line your lips. For some people, this idea may seem absurd but it works great and you
have to start with using a base on the lips to give you a clear canvas and the outline your lips using a lip
loner. Once done you can fill that area with lipstick and your lips will appear fuller like it does when you
have had the lip fillers.


Now use of highlighter just above your cheekbones will brighten the area, even more, a will make them
look more lifted. Use of highlighter or a lip gloss on your lips will also make them look bigger and fuller.
Also when you are using highlighter on your lips just highlight the cupid’s bow of your lips and tap a
small highlighter on the center of the bottom lip and it will give the glossy effect.

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