Finding perfect had of lipstick

Lipstick is an important part of makeup and it is something that most of the people can’t send a day
without people who love lipstick love it to such an extent that they always keep on in their bag so that
whenever their makeup needs touchup they will have the lipstick to wear. Finding the perfect shade of
lipstick is something we don’t understand but it can be done easily by knowing your undertones.

Warm toned

If your skin is warm-toned then you will be able to pull off the reddish, oranges and peach colours. You
will even be able to pull off the yellow undertones on your face colour.

Cool tone

064c4cf9If you have cool tone then any lipstick which has the purplish tint will look good on you. You can hear colours like lavender, mauve and other purple shades and it may also come to the purplish pink shades for your skin.

Neutral tone

Having a neutral tone is a blessing because it is a colour in which all the lipstick shades will look good on
you. All in all, if you know how to do your makeup well you can always pull off any colour of lipstick which you can buy from any online store.

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