When you use foundations with SPF properties they give a flashback in your pictures and that makes your makeup look all caked and bright. To avoid this you  need to pick a proper foundation   for yourself  and that  is  easily available on the online store and even from some regular stores. There are many different brands that sell such products.

Flashback Makeup – Avoid Getting Flashback

To avoid flashbacks during pictures you need to get the foundation that doesn’t have the SPF properties because you definitely don’t need them n nighttime. But if you have no other option then you can use a good setting powder to make your face appear matte. But if your SPF foundation doesn’t contain the titanium oxide and zinc oxide. These chemicals are important because they reflect the radiations from the sun making them not harm your skin. Another thing that you need to avoid completely is the silica in the powders. Even though silica is better for giving you a smooth finish but still it looks the worse when the flash ones on during the pictures. Usually, HD powders contain the silica so it would be better to separate these products from when you are going to have a photo shoot.

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