There are a lot of types of foundation that you can get from an online store. But the main problem here is that many of the people here are having allergies and sensitive skin due to which they are unable to apply the cosmetics properly. By keeping these people in mind there have been some best form of
foundations made that are specifically made for the people who are having sensitive skin and are unable to use any other foundation.

Mineral foundation liquid

The mineral foundation in liquid form is for the people who are having dry skin and have sensitive skin too. So here is the best solution to their problem because this mineral foundation gives the face a complete coverage and helps in keeping your skin moisturize and nourish.

Mineral foundation powder

Mineral foundation is also available in powder form for the people who are having oily skin. Mineral foundation is the best solution for sensitive skin. It is in the matt form which gives your skin a natural effect. These mineral foundations contain many minerals like zinc which helps your skin safe from the UV rays of the sun and other pollutants and keep it moisturized.

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