foundation every day

Foundation is an essential part of the everyday makeup routine. Without foundation, your makeup
doesn’t even have a base to start with and anything you apply without foundation will look out of place
so to start with the blank space you need to have a good foundation. There is a lot of different type of
foundations with different coverage available in the market or an online store. You can get them or if
you are looking for something lighter than a foundation use every day you can go for the following

Tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is the moisturizer with slight tint in it and as we know that moisturizer is essential for
your skin so using a tinted moisturizer would be a better option than simple moisturizer as it will give
you a little coverage and fresh looking face.

BB cream

BB cream is like the tinted moisturizer too but some have the SPF in it too and that makes it perfect for
the everyday use. BB cream actually is a beauty balm and it is so lightweight that you won’t feel a thing
on your skin using it as a base.

CC cream

CC cream is the colour corrected cream and it is tinted with different colours that provide the skin colour
correction and that is why it helps you cover up the blemishes and any dark spots.

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