Curly hair is the dream of the people with straight hair and who doesn’t love messy beach look. To get curls it is not necessary to make your hair go through the heat. Using heating rods to curl your hair may seem like the nice option but the constant use of such products will damage them and you can easily get the heatless curls too by using some other accessories. To obtain heatless curls you may or may not need these accessories from an online store and following are some of the ways that will help you determine it.

Hair rollers

Hair rollers the small round brush heads that you can use to wrap our hair and make sure your hair is damp when you have put them in these rollers. Once done with that you leave them to dry overnight and will have the gorgeous curls in the morning.

Curl formers

Curls formers are made up of fabric and it is twisted in the spiral fashion. You will have to pass your hair locks through each one of them and will get amazing hair curls after.


You can also use a bandana for this purpose. You have to make a headband of that bandana and pass your hair through it like you are wrapping the headband and leave them to dye to get amazing beachy waves.

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