Get the best curls without using heat

When it comes to getting the curls the first thing that comes to our head is the heat rods. Even people with curly hair likes to get the defined curls with good volume. But unfortunately using a lot of heat can be very damaging for your hair. But there are other heatless methods to get the perfect curls for your hair. You will be needing some products for that purpose t hold your curls in place. And you can get these products from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Heatless curls

Heatless curls are the methods in which you achieve the curls by wrapping your hair in the curly pattern. When hair is left to be in the same pattern until they dry outdoor overnight they achieve that curl pattern. The hair styling products with the good hold also play a great role in keeping your hair styled in this way. So following are some of the methods that you can try

Twist outs

Twist outs are the methods that most pf the curly girls use. This gives your hair great volume. You can achieve these types of curls by dividing your hair the small sections. These sections depend on how thick you want your curls to be. Now take each of the sections and divide them in half and twist each half around each other. Doing it in your damp hair with a lot of products on beforehand will help.


Braids are as easy as is the twist out and you can do it in the same amount of time. The curl pattern is a little different than the twist outs. But if you like the wavy curls you should get this done. Make sure not to open your braids unless they are completely dry.

Finger coils

Finger coils will give you beautiful coils that online store and they are so easy to make, you can make them faster than any other method. You can make these coils by wrapping your hair strand around your finger and then pin them to your scalp. The method is the same about the usage of the products and not opening them until they are completely dry.

Bantu Knot

Bantu Knot is a very famous method of getting the curls. You can get the curls the exact same as you get with the curling rod. To make a Bantu knot you will have to divide your hair into smaller sections.  Now take each of the sections and roll it on itself. Now roll it in the form of the bun and they pin them down.

Rod curls

To get the rod curls you will have to get the rods. You can buy a flexible rod for this and they pin your hair to it after wrapping them on it. Leven leaving them like those overnight will help you get the perfect curls.

Once you are done getting the curls you should add a little oil or any other such product on the tips so that they can look glossy and beautiful.

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