Filling your eyebrows usually take a lot of the time but you can save a lot of the time using different
techniques. Most of the times a point comes in life when you are running late and then you don’t have
enough time to do makeup but if you can imply a few shortcuts you can easily do your makeup on time.
Shaping your eyebrows is very important and should not be missed as your makeup routine and here is
how it can be done in a few minutes.


Stencils are the best way you can fill your eyebrows and you just have to find the stencils that are
according to your eyebrow shape and you can just put it on your eyebrows and start filling and blending
and when you are done with this you will have perfectly and completely symmetrical eyebrows. You can
buy such stencils easily from any online store.

Other technique

By this method, you can draw the small spots on your eyebrows at certain points on your eyebrows and
for the symmetrical look, you can also use a scale and then join these dots and start filling in. It will take
a very small amount of time if you have enough practice.

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