Going through transition with scalp psoriasis

Hair transitioning needs a lot of the time and consideration to get it done right and you have to be sure that you hair is in good condition to go through transitioning, While transitioning your hair you have to use harsh chemicals on your hair so if you hair is already damaged then  you will go through some more damage. So getting your hair back in proper health is important before and after the transitioning and that can be done by the use of hair care products that you can buy from the online stores like Megorgeous. But if your hair is still in the sensitive stage then you will have to make sure by asking for some expert’s opinion. There are some of the scalp conditions in which you can go through with it even transitioning you feel like you can’t and you just have to give extra care for that.

Transitioning hair

Transitioning hair means giving a big change to your hair and it can be some style or even some of the treatment. These types of changes are long term and the chemicals that are used for it are harsh. You can dye your hair and that will be transitioning too and you just already be aware of the harmful chemicals present inside the due and when you go through rebounding your hair or perming them then even harsh chemicals are required for it.

Transitioning hair in psoriasis

Transitioning hair in psoriasis can be possible and you can do it with the advice of an expert but you will have to get it in control. It also depends on ion the type of transitioning you are going through but psoriasis is a permanent condition so getting it in control is very important. Following is what you nay need to do to get your scalp in proper condition before transitioning


When you have psoriasis you will have the flaky skin and will also have the inflammation so make sure to clean your hair regularly this will help you get rid of these flakes and also the inflammation. These flakes if present in your scalp for too long may also cause the inflammation to your scalp especially when you are transitioning so make sure that you cleanse your hair well with the help of the best hair cleansers. You can get to ask your trichologist to recommend you that too. You should also definitely use ta conditioner because when you are transitioning your hair you will be stripped down from the moisture. You should also be maintaining the pH balance in your scalp so that your scalp is in the perfect health condition.

Style properly

While you are styling your hair you will have to make sure you style it on a hairstyle where your hair isn’t pulled that much, Because due to psoriasis your scalp is already sensitive enough and with transitioning sensitivity increases so make sure you are not pulling your hair too much whole styling them. You should avoid the styling methods that will heat up your scalp. This will increase the flakiness in your skin. Make sure you are not styling your hair in the hairstyles where your scalp is exposed too much because that will cause the dryness and irritation in your scalp to be increased.

So make sure that your hair is in the relaxed state and even if you have to tie your hair you have to make sure that your scalp is cleansed well and anything you do should not be worsening your scalp condition at all.

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