Greying of curling Hair

The biggest problem of women of mature age is Hair Greying. Most women think that it is the sign of old age and as you know that women hide their age, so they try to hide their grey hair. The easiest and the finest way to hide your grey hair is by colouring your hairs. There are two groups of people who accept their grey hair and feel confident with them and others feel that the greying hair shows ageing so they try to hide it. Many Brands are trying to solve your problem and they try to provide you with the products for grey hair.

They are providing you with the Hair Colors so that you can hide your grey hairs. Now thousands of hair colours are available that exactly look like your natural hair colours so that no one notices that you have changed your hair colour. If the problem is because of some hair vitamin then there are several companies that are providing safe use medicine so that the greying hair can be reversed. They help you feel comfortable in any situation.


There are two types of Gray Hair:

Premature Greying of Hair:-

This happens when your hair starts greying before age or even when you are a teenager and I think it is the nightmare of a teenager to have grey hair. Most of the teenager take it positively and enhance their hair and make it a trend and because of such teenagers now people are dying their hair grey.

Cause:-  It is caused by the lack of vitamins known as vitamin B12.  Another cause of grey hair is  Genetics. It is passed from parents to children.

Treatment:- in some cases if you give the person the supplements of B12 then there is a chance that the greying of hair can be reversed.

Greying of hair in old age:-

Though it is a natural process people try to hide it. There are supplements and food available to delay it but you cannot prevent it. Because in old age our body stops producing melanocytes, cells for producing colours in the hair.

Myths About Gray Hair:-

  • It is a myth that if you pluck your grey hair then they will increase in number.
  • People also think that if you take too much stress then it will cause your grey hair but we can say that it is half true because it causes hair loss and the new hair might have lighter colour due to less pigment.
  • Your parents will always tell you that if you dye your hair regularly it will cause your hair to become grey but it is also a myth. Phew! Now you can dye your hair as much as you want but don’t forget that it will damage your hair.
  • Most of the people believe that if you expose your hair in sunlight then it will cause your hair to become grey. But it is also a myth.
  • Relax according to a survey only 20-30% of people tend to have grey hair at the age of

Perks of Having Curly Hairs:-

If you have curly hairs then you should not worry about grey hair because white hairs are not visible in curly hairs as much as in straight hairs. You know that roots are not visible in curly hairs that much so it helps you naturally to hide your grey hair.

If you have wavy hairs with a silver touch then you don’t have to hide your hair because now it’s a fashion and people are spending their money on this trend.