Reshaping Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the part of the face which once done wrong will haunt you for a few months or so until
you finally decide on changing It., Most of the time this happens when you go to a saloon that is not
experienced enough with getting your eyebrows done in proper shape. Eyebrows can be reshaped
though and even you can do it at home or with the help of a better saloon. To do it at home you will
need your better tweezers which can be bought on an online store very easily.

Grow out your eyebrows

The first things you will do after that episode is that you have to let your hair grow until they are
covering enough area to be reshaped easily. During that time you can just fill in these eyebrows using
eyebrow products so that the empty spaces will make them look neat.

Tweeze your eyebrows

Now comes the time of tweezing your eyebrows and that can be done after you have drawn out the
the shape of eyebrows you want with the help of an eyebrow pencil and then when you are tweezing out the hair you will have it leave the marked part and as a result, you will get beautiful eyebrows.

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