Hair Care Routine

Different hair types need a different type of hair care routine. So once you have your hair type determined you need to get on with your hair care routine o have perfect and beautiful hair. Each hair type has different hair care routine is that you can accentuate your natural hair. Like if you have curly hair you would like your curls to be more defined and etc. So following are the hair care routine according to the hair type.

Curly hair

If you have curly hair your definitely need to get a curl defining serum and the one that controls the frizz in your hair too otherwise your hair is bound to look messy. So if you are looking for a sleek look you can also get the setting spray for your hair. Most of the people with curly hair straighten them a lot using
heat and for that purpose, you need a heat protectant so that you are not damaging your hair in the process.

Straight hair

For straightening hair if your hair is dead straight you should use a volumizing shampoo or other products and the dry shampoo may add the perfect volume to your hair. All these products can be bought from any online store.

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