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With half of 2019 gone so fast, you must be looking for the hair colour ideas that will look good in you. In 2019 you must have seen a lot of different hair colours which are bold as well as trendy and you must have also seen different stars and celebrities wearing these hair dyes. Trends change each year like a win 2018 you must have seen a lot of the rose gold hair colour but in 2019 people are moving on different styles which are bold as well as good. Following are some of the hair colour ideas for 2019 and as soon as you decide the one that would look good on you should get it done from a saloon or even can buy these hair dyes from any online or local shop. You can look for them at the online stores like the

Orange colour

Orange colour is a hair colour that you won’t go often for and that is exactly what you should go for if
you want to go for a bold look. The orange colour from roots to tips is something that you wouldn’t have
even considered going for but if you have a look at model Slick Woods orange dye you would also want
to get it done.

Coral colour

The coral colour is also a new trend this year and if you want to go bold but not too much then this is
the colour you should go for. This colour is somewhat between rose gold and the peachy hue and it
looks very beautiful on all skin tones.

Dirty brunette

We all have heard of the dirty blonde but the dirty brunette is something that is emerging this year and
if you have wavy or curly hair then you should definitely go for this look.
These and a lot of different hair colours are what you should decide in getting this year.

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