hair colours for your dark skin tone

When you have to pick hair colours for your dark skin tone the options may seem somewhat little but if you are open to experimenting then you will have the wide options to choose from. Having the dark skin doesn’t mean you should have the limited options but you just be able to feel confident in whichever hair colour you choose to go for. Summer hair should always be lighter and if you even want to go for the dark hair colour then there should still be the touch of a lighter shade so you can just go completely dark if you want to. Following are some of the summer hair colour ideas for your dark skin.

Black hair colour with copper highlights

Having highlights in summer is the perfect way to dye your hair. With highlights, you just have to find
the perfect match of hair colours so that your hair won’t look bad. Black hair with copper highlights is
what you should do this summer.

Warm honey brown

If you are looking for the brownish shades for your hair colour then you should go for the warm honey
brown as they would look very good. This colour looks great on dark skin tone and we have seen
Zendaya carries this hair colour.


You can go to the rainbow pastel colour. Pastel colours are still cool but not vibrant and will look
amazing in the dark skin tones. The perfect idea of the summer is to have the light hair colour and what
is lighter than those pastel shades.


You can also just decide to go blonde this summer and having the ancient gold colour is the trend this
a year and you would completely rock that look in your skin tone.
You can get all these colours done from a saloon or can buy them from an online store like Megorgeous.

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