Short Hair

Short hair is in style these days but you have to think many times before getting your hair that short. SO make sure you have completely made up your kind before getting a short haircut. You can get this with the confidence that you have the hair extensions and these hair extensions can totally transform, you look if you ever feel like getting long hair again. For the short hair extensions are not that hard as they seem to be and you can apply for your hair extensions in the following ways.

Layered look

With short hair, you need to get the layered look and for that, you will be getting two different lengths
of the hair extensions from an online store. The one should be right according to your hair size or can be
a little longer than that and the other ones should be longer ones so that you can get whole new hair


Fringe extensions are available too and they are so easy to clip on. You can just clip them on with your
natural fringe to lengthen it or you can just get the new one with it.


To get the volume in your hair you can get the extensions the size of your hair.

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