Hair plugs

There are many hair problems that you have to face and all in all these problems lead to one thing eventually and that is why you start experiencing hair loss. Proper hair care with all the good hair care products can help us avoid the hair loss and you can buy these hair care products from the online stores like Megorgeous. But it is not necessary gat you will experience the hair loss only because pf the lack of hair care and it can be also because of the hereditary reasons and sometimes it happens by the changes in the hormone levels and sometimes due to medications. Hair loss can be reversible as well as irreversible and in the case of irreversible hair loss, you may need the hair plugs.

Hair plugs

Basically, hair plugs are used when there is pattern baldness and are irreversible so you will have to get the hair plugs. These hair plugs are your own real hair and it is a surgical procedure and in this procedure hair from the areas where there is normal growth of hair are taken and are transplanted in the area of baldness. These types of hair plugs are loose and dispersed but they at least cover up your balding area and with proper care, you can make sure they remain intact after that transplant. In the transplant procedure, the equipment plants 3-4 Hai simultaneously and you may require more than one session to cover your balding area.

Consideration pre hair plugs

Before you can decide you want to get the hair plugs you will have to see a trichologist which will determine if you actually need the hair transplant or it can be done by some other process. There are specific clinics for this type of hair transplants and pre-considerations are important so it can be determined how many sessions of the hair transplant will be needed to cover your balding spot. This will help the doctor determine other factors related to it as well. Before you can actually start with the procedure the doctor will show you some before and after pictures of their past clients to let you analyze if you really want to do it or not. Since these transplants are done in the outside clinics so you don’t have to stay there after the procedure and can go home on the same day.

Hair plugs procedure day

On the day of your transplant, you will be given the appointment for it beforehand and you will have to reach the clinic on time. Before the procedure is started the area is made numb with the help of a local anesthetic and then the area from the donor site is trimmed. Normal saline is injected in the grafting area and then small holes are created in the balding area and hair are transplanted in them. Grafts are stitched and this is how the procedure is done in small sessions.

After transplant

Once the transplant is done the doctor will cover the area of the procedure with a gauze. After the procedure, you are allowed to go home but it does take some time to heal completely and that is why doctors usually advise patients to try avoid any kind of strenuous physical activity. Once the recovery period is over you can get rid of the stitches. Once the procedure is complete it may take a few months for the hair growth to occur and meanwhile you can wash your hair with a very gentle shampoo so it doesn’t affect the transplant. If you are applying antiseptic that doctor advised on the site regularly then you don’t have to fear any infection.

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