Hair relaxer myths and truth about them

When it comes to something we care about we believe all the myths we hear about it. Being someone with curly hair you must be very careful about your hair. Hair relaxers are a treatment that can be used to straighten your hair from the curly state. This type of treatment can be damaging for your hair but if you take good care of your hair afterward you can avoid the excessive damage. It is a very damaging process so people often feel afraid while going through this. So they believe any myth they hear about this process. But if you are using good hair care products and are taking good care of your hair you don’t have to worry about anything. You can buy different products from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Myths about hair relaxers

When you get the hair relaxers there are a lot of the tips and tricks that you hear from different people. And then acting on them can sometimes turn out to be damaging for your hair, so you should be able to identify the reality from the myth, following are some of the myths about the hair relaxers.

You have to get a relaxer again and again

When you have gotten the relaxers, the new hair that grows is going to be of your natural texture. So as you may have heard that you have to get the relaxers again right away, it shouldn’t be that way, in fact, you should be touching your hair at all until they have grown at least 1 inch. That is when you can get the relaxers again.

Relaxers will damage your hair forever

The relaxers won’t damage your hair forever if you are taking good care of them. Make sure you are fulfilling all the requirements of your hair and are providing then proper nourishment. If you fail to do that then the extent of damage by the relaxers will increase, causing some long term damages. This was why people believe that relaxers can cause long term damages. But if you take good care of your hair you will get your natural hair back in no time.

You can get braids after relaxers

When you have gotten the relaxers your hair is still in the vulnerable state. So you shouldn’t try any other treatment or hairstyle in your hair. So make sure you don’t get braids or any other such things in your relaxed hair. You can start doing that after 2 to 3 weeks. That is so your hair is no longer in the fragile state.

Relaxed hair isn’t healthy

Relaxed hair can be completely healthy and that depends on your hair care routine. So make sure that your relaxed hair is getting good care. You should moisturize them and do all of your normal hair care regiment to make sure it is in a healthy state.

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