transitioning hair

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Transitioning hair

Transitioning hair is the hair when you are going back to your normally curly hair from the textured routine, this is the phase where it becomes difficult for people to take care of their hair as well as to style their hair. But there are a few hairstyle ideas that you can try on for your transitioning hair. Following are some of such ideas

Fake ponytail

This is the easiest method to make your hair match, you can buy hair that is of the same texture of your original hair and can attach that fake ponytail to your original one to give that even look. You can also go for the straight ponytail if you are keeping your ponytail tight. Because at that pout your hair looks straight.


Now you can also use rollers so that you can match your old textured hair look the same as your real hair. The texture of both hairs will be different but still, you can get that even look. No one will probably be able to tell the difference.

High puff

Now the best way to make people not notice your transitioning hair is tying your hair. Especially in the methods where both hairs in their transitioning stage cannot be identified. So what you need to do now is to get your hair in a big puff. You can tease around your hair to make both hair type match.


Getting your hair in the twists and braids will save you a lot of trouble. You can keep this hairstyle on for quite some time and even when you let them loose your hair will look uniform and that will give your hair a nice curl to it.

Hair wigs

Covering your hair by the wigs is another thing people like to do. Especially when you are going to an event you can use the type of wig you want for that event. Many wigs are available nowadays that look a lot real.


Using hair wraps will help you not only get different style but you will also be able to protect them. Protecting your hair at this stage is very important and by the help, f head wraps you can achieve that.


If you like to go with a trend and have been wanting to try a hawk when you can do a faux one. Again some of your hair will be so tightly wrapped the difference in the pattern of hair will go unnoticed.