Hairstyles for Layered Curly Hair

Most of the people say that there is no style for curly hairs. If you want to do a layer cutting then all the people you know will tell you that your curls will bounce back causing all the hair cut to fade away. And I don’t think so that their perspective is wrong because every person knows that because of the intensiveness and spirals of the curls one cannot differentiate between full-length hair and layered hair. You just have to change the cut and the style so that people can notice the difference. Here are some styles of layered curly hairs.

Layered Curly Hairs With Side Bangs:-

Here is the style for people who have light or blonde coloured hair. This style is suitable for those who have long or medium length hair. If you want to differentiate your curls then you can make your roots darker which helps in determining the direction of the curls.

Neck Length Layers:-

The best way to give your layers a new unique look and increase the volume of the hair you can use this hairstyle. This neck-length hair is cut in the form of layers and it gives you a messy hairstyle.

 V-cut for Long Curly Hairs:-

If you have long curly hairs and you do not want to shorten the length of the hair then this hairstyle is very suitable for you. You can get your curly hair cut in the shape of V. this hairstyle is a slimming style that will give you a smarter look.

Curly hairs with Bangs:-

If you want to give yourself a new and stylish look then you can go for this hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have shoulder hair length. Hairstyle with shoulder-length and bangs can be your favourite style in summer.

Bob Cut with Curly Hairs:-

Here is the hairstyle for those who want to look unique and who cannot manage their long hairs so they can go for this hairstyle. This type of hairstyle is very suitable for those who cannot give too much time to their hair.

How to Cut Layers At Home:-

If you want to do styling with your hairs on your own then you can style it by yourself. If you want to cut your hairs at home then it is not a difficult task but for curly hairs, it is recommended that you should get your hairs cut by a professional. With a little guidance, you can do that at your home. You just need a wide-toothed comb, pair of scissors and a hairband.

  1. First, you should damp your hair to make sure that all the hairs are even and in proper shape.
  2. Then you have to take a wide-toothed comb and use it to detangle all the knots and ties.
  3. Bend the head forward and then flip all the hairs In front of you.
  4. Keep your hair in this position and then tie a ponytail just in the middle but keep in mind that the hairband should be a couple of inches away from the head.
  5. If you want to keep the length of your hair long then you can move the rubber band at the end and if you want to make your hair short then you can move the hairband upward close to head.
  6. Then cut the hair in even line. Keep in mind that you should not cut the hair in an angled manner.
  7. Then remove the hairband and check if all the layers are even or not.
  8. If there are some uneven layers then you can give them a final touch.