what hair colour is best for me

Olive skin tone is common in people of different ethnicity and having this ski tone means you will have
the wide range of hair colour options and if you are wondering what hair colour is best for me then you do a little research on it. Before you go dying your hair coo rater buying a hair from for an online store like Megorgeous.nl or any other online store you should be sure if you are buying the right hair colour. This is for the people for all skin tones and before you do that you should know your skin tone. To find your skin tone there are different ways like with the help of your vein colour. Now if you have determined your skin tone is olive then following are some of the hair colour options you should look for.

Blonde shades

If you want to go blonde having an olive skin tone then there are a number of the blonde shades that
will look amazing on your skin tone. You can go for the blonde colours like the golden blonde, balayage,
and honey blonde. The colour that is in this season is the balayage and you can mix and match them
with different highlights as well.

Brown hair colours

If you want to go brunette then you can choose brown colours like the mocha, caramel, and even the
bronze hair colour. You can easily find these hair colours as most of the brands have these shades.

Red hair colours

If you want to go red then the hair colours that will suit you the best is the cherry red which is very
reddish, burgundy some in the darker shades and will look great with the fair as well as darker skin
tones. Another shade of red that looks best in the olive skin tone is the auburn hair colour.

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