Heatless hairstyles for the special occasions

Most of the girls with the curly hairdo on special occasions is to straighten them. But with all the damage you get on applying heat to your hair most of the people are now avoiding using heat. So that leaves you with the hairstyles with the curly hair. Having curly hair you can get your hair in different styles and they look very beautiful on you. You may also need a lot of hair care products for this purpose. And you can buy all of these products from online stores or local stores. Among local stores, you can find them in the stores like Megorgeous. You can use these hair care and hair styling products to get the defined curls.


Megorgeous as well know is an online store. You can buy many different hair cares and hair styling products from this online store. You may also need the hair accessories for different hairstyles or to form the better curls. And you can easily find those from this online store. Having all these products delivered to your home is very easy with the help of this online store. You will get the quick delivery of your products. Also, you will be able to make a purchase at a very reasonable amount.

Heatless hairstyles

If you have been avoiding using the heat on your hair you should still be able to style your hair. And that is where these heatless hairstyles come in. heat can be very damaging or your hair that is why you need these hairstyles. Most of the women who have accepted their natural curls as it is but you still need to style them often. So if some special occasions are coming up and you have no idea on how to style your hair, the following are some

Heatless curls

Most of the time you would like to change your curl pattern. So for that instead of getting a heat rod, you can use this heatless method. In this heatless method, you can use the curl formers. But first, you need to go through your whole hair care routine. Apply a good amount of moisturizer on your damp hair. Add some of the holding product that can hold your curls in their place. After that apply the curl formers in your hair and let them dry. Or you can also leave them for longer periods. Once you have removed these curl former don’t run a brush through them. You can finger-comb if you feel like it.

Half tied

After the curls have been formed properly you can let them be or can half tie them. You can take the hair from your crown except for a few strands that can frame your face. Now pin this hair up with the help of the hairpins. You can also tie them in a bun. This way you will be showing off your curls along with having most of them out of your way. This will make you look elegant.

Voluminous curls

If you wish to tie them all then you have to make them look voluminous. For that, you will have to run your brush through your hair. Then start pinning them to the back of your neck. Once you are all done for pulls a few strands. It would look better if your curls are prominent in that updo as well. You can leave a few strands to frame your face as well. But this hairstyle is the best when you want all of your hair out of your way.

But if you still want to straighten your hair then there are many heatless hair straightening methods too.


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