skin tone

Makeup is incomplete without a highlighter and the Skin Tone. If you have done all of your makeup but do not highlight your features then it will not look as appealing as by using the highlighter. Highlighter is used to make the features of your face prominent and make your features look beautiful. There are a lot of benefits using highlighter, but the problem here is that most of the people don’t know what colour to apply on their face so that it can look more appealing and beautiful.

For darker skin tone

If you have a dark skin tone then you can go with the colours like golden brown, golden pink and other
shades of gold because they will match the skin tone and make your features look more beautiful. If you use lighter colours then it will not look as good as these colours are.

For medium skin

For medium skin, you can have colours like light gold, pink gold, etc.

For fair skin

If you have a fair skin colour then y ou can go with light shades like silver, white or peach, etc.
All these colours are available on an online store, so just buy them and use them the way you want.

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