Using hair straightener not always mean that you have to straighten your hair but you can also go for
the different looks and these hair straighteners sere as the best curling g tools too. If you have the hair
curler at home you can use it and if you don’t then the hair straightener is here to save the day. Using
hair straightener you can get different types of curls but you will have to buy an appropriate hair
straightener from online store or any store.


Using the hair straightener you can curl your hair in such way that you pass your hair through it and then with hair lock captured twist the straightener so hair lock will be wrapped in it and then drag them
straightener down this way and when you reach the end you will get a perfect curl.

Beachy waves

You can get the beachy ways by tying your hair in a braid and then use a straightener on that braid and when you finally open the braid you will have the perfect waves. And with small braids in your hair, you can get more volume and kinky look.

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