how much eyelash extensions cost

If you are wondering how much eyelash extensions cost you should first be sure if you want to get them and for that, you have to know what eyelash extensions are. Eyelash extensions are the individual eyelashes that are attached to you with the help of a strong adhesive, these eyelash extensions stay there for more than a few weeks and that depends on how long you want them for. The eyelash extensions will give you more length and thicker eyelashes and will make your original eyelashes look
prettier. These eyelash extensions are the go-to choice for a lot of people who don’t prefer using the
fake eyelashes and g for a more natural and subtle look.

How much eyelashes extensions cost

Eyelash extensions can be get done from a salon and that is the best way of getting the eyelash
extensions because they require the level of expertise and you can’t do it yourself anyway. So unless if
you have a beautician friend who is an expert at these eyelash extensions you don’t have to get them
done at home be used they won’t look that great if they are not properly done and curled. Most people
think that eyelash extensions cost you quote a fortune but given their use the price that most of the
salons ask for the eyelash extensions is very safe. The average price of the eyelash extensions at the
good salons is around 200 to 300 USD and the refills are up to 50 USD. But most of the salons offer this
service at less price.

How long eyelashes extensions last

The period these eyelash extensions last make the price justifiable. It may remain that way for one or
two weeks and some stays even for longer periods. But you have to be careful with them for the first 24
hours and don’t get them wet or you will be just losing your money. You can get your own individual
eyelashes from any online store like Megorgeous and get them done by your friend who is an expert at
this to save money.

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