Shave Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of our face and to keep them groomed and proper we
pluck them, wax them and even shave eyebrows. When I say shave eyebrows it doesn’t mean that you
while eyebrow is shaved off but in fact, the excess part of the eyebrows is cut clean with the help of
special razors which allow you not only hair free but also smooth skin. Shaving eyebrows is a new
emerging trend and in the past, it was believed that shaving your hair will result in the regrowth if
coarser and thicker hair which is not true but in fact with the razor the amount of the hair that regrows
is the same at all.

What you need

Before you can cut or razor your hair around the eyebrows you should be sure that you are good at this
otherwise you will have to face the consequences of that and if you somehow ruin the shape of your
eyebrows you will have to live with it for the few months until it regrows back normally. You also need
some of the things like eyebrows razor. Tweezers and even a marker if you have one. If you don’t have
all these things then you can buy it from the online store like Megorgeous.

How to shave your eyebrows

Now what you need to do is to draw a temporary line on the outline of your eyebrow and once it’s done
you need to brush out your eyebrows and then start cutting any hair that is outside of that outline. Now
one it is done you can cut some of the volumes out and this is how you get the perfect eyebrows. Now
you can fill them in whenever you want.

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