how to apply aloe vera

Skincare is a very important part of our routine and doing it with the natural ingredients makes it even
better and that is why you should know how to apply aloe vera to your face. Aloe vera is one of the
natural ingredients and it is used in so many cosmetics skin care products, you can use aloe vera directly
from the plan too or aloe vera gel is available in the packages to form to. But growing out your won aloe
vera plant and then using it or skin and hair care makes it even better as it is homegrown and you can
take the fresh aloe vera any time you want to.

Preparing aloe vera

To apply aloe vera to your face you will first have to prepare it and you can also buy it in the prepared
form from the online stores like Megorgeous or you can just prepare it at home. You can create your
own aloe vera toner and for that, you need to take the gel out of the aloe vera leaves by cutting them in
half and taking the gel out using the scoops. You can store it as it is in the gel form or grind it and then
dilute it with water to apply it as a toper.

How to apply the aloe vera

You can apply the aloe vera gel directly in the form of toner your prepared and can place it in the spray
bottle to sprinkle it on your face. Moreover, you can also apply it while scrubbing your skin. You will
have to cut a piece of the aloe vera leave and cut its skin from one side so that the gel is exposed. Now
sprinkle some baking sat or coffee on it and start rubbing it in your skin and this will exfoliate your skin.
You can also apply the gel as a moisturizer.

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