How to Apply Eyeliner is the biggest risk for you when you are getting late because that is the exact moment it goes uneven and you have to redo it as many times as it takes to make you late from wherever you have planned to go or you finally ditch the idea of wearing eyeliner. So make sure that your eyeliner looks perfect in just one or a few tries you need to follow a few guidelines.

Buy a good eyeliner

To make sure that you are perfectly How to Apply Eyeliner your liner is that you need to buy a good eyeliner the one you feel comfortable using. You can also use the stamp eyeliners that can give you perfect wing and you can easily buy eyeliner of your choice from any online store.


Practice make a woman or man perfect and that is what you need in this case because the more you practice the more perfect you will get by time.

Tape method

The tape method is used a lot these days and it provides you with a perfect winged eyeliner. You just have to apply the table in the form of the wing you want and then slide your eyeliner along with it.

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