Applying foundation is the easiest thing in the makeup. The first thing you have to do is start with a primer, then conceal the most wanted parts of your face so that it can look all equal, after that dab the foundation that you have been using on your cheeks., nose, chin, and forehead. If you have oily skin
then you can also go with a yellow base so that it can stay longer on your face. After that blend, all the foundation with the required brushes at every part of your face so that it can blend well and give you a beautiful look. The important points that you have to care about are that never apply the foundation near your hairline because if it gets into your hairs it will look bad and also not in the deep neck because the foundation will get a rub on the neckline of your clothes.

Final touch up

Apply the compact powder in the end so that it gives your face a natural look and also apply makeup fixer at the end of your makeup so that it can stay all day long. So go to an online store and buy the best quality foundation now.

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