While concealing your eyes the 2 most important questions that arise are what color to select for your concealer and how to apply concealer in the right way.

What color to select

For the selection of the color of concealer, the most important thing you have to check is that does it match your skin tone or not? One must always buy the concealers which are the same or a number or two less than the color of your skin. The concealer should never be in white or in a dark color. For the selection of concealers, we can go for the online store from where we can select the best concealer according to our need or want.

Applying Concealer

The other important question while applying concealer is how to apply it in the right way. The first thing you have to do before applying a concealer is to moisturize your skin properly, then put some concealer on the dark or affected areas then blend it out with a brush or your fingertips, after that put some loose powder on the concealer and in the end give a finishing touch with your face powder, now you are all ready to go.

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