Block eyebrows

Block eyebrows are not really a big thing in themselves but in fact, it is a procedure of doing a fake erase of your eyebrows. With the help, if the concealer and all the makeup you can easily hide out all of your flaws and marks on your skin and now even you can get rid of the eyebrows using makeup. You just
have to have the right makeup products to do that and you can get all these things very easily from any
of the online stores that sell such cosmetics and Megorgeous is one of them.

Importance of blocking eyebrows

The reason why people block out the eyebrows is so that they can draw a new one for the specific
makeup look just like the drag makeup. You can either do it for that type of the makeup look or any
other such artistic makeup look. You can also go for a different type of eyebrow shape if you want to
with this makeup technique.

How to block the eyebrows

You can block your eyebrows by the help of the glue and once you have glued them you will have to set
it with powder so that the glue won't ruin the other products that are going to apply on it, after that you will have to use a makeup corrector so that the eyebrows can be concealed well with a concealer. Cover it up with the concealer and once done you can also add some powder on the top so that I will appear clean and plain. Now you have completely blocked out your eyebrows and this will look like you don’t have the eyebrows at all. Now you can draw your own new eyenr0ws on the top of it. Your original
eyebrows will stay concealed until you remove your makeup.

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