Hair extensions are becoming more and more common in use since their arrival in the fashion world. Hair extension serves the great benefit for the women who can’t grow out their hair or don’t feel comfortable handling the long hair. But if you want to go the long hair look on some event then you can
always root for the hair extensions. Hair extensions can be of genuine human hair or can be synthetic and they are easily available on different stores and even on the online stores like Taking proper care of extensions is very important if you want them to look good and natural when you have them on.

Air drying hair extensions

Washing your hair extensions so they are free of the hair products you have used so far on them is very important. It is not necessary to wash them out after each use but you should wash them out quite often. Since some hair extensions are of human hair that means you should air dry them after washing to prevent any type of damage and breakage? Also if you are not going for a sleek straight or curly look and going natural air drying your own hair and the hair extensions will be the best choice. You can also try heatless curls or waves with these hair extensions by air drying them.

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