How to deal with tender-headed children

The tender scalp is a condition in which your scalp is tender because of all the tension is due to pulling your hair too tight ion a hair tie. Or maybe because of the scalp condition. The first thing that you need to do with the tender scalp is that you need to avoid doing things that are making your scalp tender and you have to use the scalp soothing hair care products and you can buy these products from the online stores like Megorgeous. Being an adult you know how uncomfortable it can be within you have the tender scalp but it becomes even harder when you kids are going through the situation of the tender scalp. Tying or combing hair for the kids is already hard enough and if they have the tender head then it becomes even more difficult. They may not even allow you to do so but the following are some of the tips on how can you deal with a tender-headed child


Patience is something that is a must with your kid have the tender head or not and that is because kids are already cranky enough when it comes to detangling their hair. With a tender-headed child if you are not detangling their hair with patience and slower than they will experience the pain. Make sure while you are detangling you section their hair in different parts and comb through each of the sections. Even while combing you should start from the below because you start from the top the tangles will get more complications and the kid may experience a lot of the pain in proves as well.


You should also distract your kid with something, you can hand them their tablet or any of their toys or can even turn on the TV for them while detangling or styling their hair. This way their attention will be somewhere else then they won’t notice the slight pain even if they experience any. Even when you are washing their hair make sure to add the rubber toys in the bath so that they can keep their attention diverted towards that. If they start to lose interest in their toys ten you will have to distract them by playing with them for a while and this may take longer than you think but is worth it.

Detangling products

While you are combing or styling your kid’s hair the most painful ting and the ting they resent the most is the detangling because a lot of the hair gets pulled and due to their tender scalp they feel pain or great discomfort during that. So make 7sure to use some good detangle for your kids there are many detangling products available for the kids and these products can be used to make it easier for you as well as your kid.

Hairstyles that last longer

If your kid’s hair tangle easily then you need to go for the styling which will last longer than it usually does because the less you have to go through that the lesser your kids will be irritated. You can easily go for the hairstyles which can last as long as a week and these hairstyles include the twist out and the braids, you can wrap them in the silk scarf while they are sleeping and should keep them moisturized it make sure that your kid’s hair is in good health. Make sure not to make it too tight.

Right tools

There are detangling brushes and you should be using that while combing your kid’s hair and make it know that only the right tools should be used when your kids are concerned.

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