Detangling curly hair

The detangling process can be early messy for people with curly hair. If you have the curly hair you will know how hard it gets when you are detangling your hair. While you are detangling your hair you have to be careful as well because you break a lot of hair if you are not being careful during the detangling. There are a lot of the detangling products that you can get from the online stores like Megorgeous and this helps you detangle the knots out of your hair without any extra damage to it.

What to consider while you are detangling your hair

When you are detangling your hair you have to know how often you can detangle your hair and that mainly depends on the type of curls you have. Having curly hair you are supposed to detangle your hair wet instead of dry. You can use a slippery conditioner and with the help of it, you can detangle your hair without experiencing any hair breakage. It is easy to detangle the looser curls or wavy hair but if you have frizzy and tight curls you have to be careful with them.

How to detangle your hair

Following are some of the tips that you need to detangle your hair

  • Having curly hair means you have to detangle then with some conditioner in the shower.
  • Turn on the shower because the pressure of the water cascading down your hair will help you detangle some of your hair.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or just use your fingers to detangle your hair. Make sure the comb you are using is made of plastic so that you won’t break any hair while detangling them.
  • Even if you are detangling your hair when they are dry make sure you add oil to ease out the tangles.


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