damaged wavy hair,

Detangling wavy, as well as the curly hair, is very difficult because these hair types get tangled easily. To detangle them you have to be very careful because while detangling you may also experience some hair breakage that you should avoid at all cases. Detangling hair can be made easier with different hair detangling products and these products are easily available on the online stores like Megorgeous. More care is needed when you have to detangle the damaged wavy hair and here is how you can detangle such type of hair.

Cleansing conditioner

The cleansing conditioner is very important because it will cleanse your scalp and you will be able to get rid of the product buildup. It will also soften up your hair a little bit.

Use a deep conditioner

The deep condition will not only soften your hair for the detangling but will also hydrate your hair to recover the damage that has been caused to your hair to make it even better you can also use the emollient because that will make the detangling even easier.


After applying the conditioner you have to detangle your hair with the help of your fingers and make sure that you start from the bottom to the top. Once done with that you have to leave your deep conditioner on for the time that is mentioned on the packaging and then wash it off.


Now you can continue to style your hair and you can add the anti-frizz and other such products in your hair and style them in the style you want to. Make sure the styling products that you are using on your hair will moisturize your hair and well because that is the only way you can recover your hair from the damage that has been caused to your hair.


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