The itchy scalp doesn’t always have to be because of dandruff and sometimes the reason behind it is just an allergy. It can be a mild allergic reaction or can be a severe one but of your experience that a lot then you need to use hypoallergenic hair products which you can buy from the online stores like Megorgeous. Most of the time the allergies happen because of some hair dyes and even because of the fragrances and preservatives in these hair products.

What an allergic reaction on scalp feel like

When you have the allergic reaction on your scalp following are the symptoms that will help you determine if it is an allergic reaction.

  • Your scalp gets dry and may also become flaky.
  • You will experience redness in your scalp mostly around the hairline.
  • Your scalp will also feel somewhat swollen.
  • The onset of the allergic reaction is not so soon and it may start within a few days.
  • The itchiness because of the allergic reaction is always severe than the itchiness because of dandruff.

How to deal with these allergic reactions

The best way is to get a doctor’s advice and the doctor will do a path test on you by the help of which it can be determined for sure that you have the allergic reaction and thus an anti-histamine is given to relieve the pain and itchiness including the inflammation on your scalp. You should avoid using the anti-histamine lotions because they can make the condition worse for you. Even after the use of medication if the symptoms don’t stop you will have to contact your doctor again and this time the doctor will prescribe you with the corticosteroids or some other treatment if it is not an allergic reaction.


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