dandruff from allergy

Every time you feel that your scalp is itchy the first thing that you think about is dandruff but it may not always be the cause. Even some of the problems that you face seem like they are just because of dandruff from allergy but underlying cause can be different. The best way to deal with it is to use anti-dandruff products which are available on the online stores like Megorgeous and if even that doesn’t work out then it may be because of some other reasons. You should be able to differentiate.

What can be the reason for itchiness?

Apart from dandruff, there are a number of the reasons that can be causing dandruff and t nay to be because of some kind of allergy or it can be just because of some allergy or may also be because of some other skin conditions like psoriasis or infection. Some of these condition s are exactly like simple dandruff because they also start forming the flakes and that is why people confuse it with dandruff.

How to differentiate

To differentiated dandruff from some kind of allergy you need to know following few thongs

  • With dandruff your skin will get all dry and itchy while on the other hand when your skin is going through some allergy you will see that your skin is red and bumpy and that is not dandruff at all.
  • You will see yellow-colored flakes and with the allergy, you may or may not experience flaky skin.
  • With dandruff, your scalp will itch but it won’t be as severe as compared to the allergy.

These are some of the things that can help you realize if it is just dandruff or the allergic reaction but if you experience dandruff more often you will be able to figure out the difference very easily.


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