how to do a cat eye makeup

If you are wondering how to do a cat eye makeup then you must know that the basic thing about the
cat eye makeup is the cat eyeliner. If you can get that thing right then you will be able to do cat eye makeup in no time. There are a few tricks and methods by the help of which you can easily do a cat eyeliner. But first of all, you need to have a good eyeliner for the cat eye. You can get a cake eyeliner or a marker eyeliner and even the gel eyeliner that you have to apply with a brush. You should start with the type of eyeliner you feel conformable with. You can buy these different types of eyeliner form
different makeup shops and they are available even at the online makeup stores like Megorgeous.
Following is what you will need to do to get the cat eye after you have bought your favorite eyeliner.

Tape method

You can draw your eyeliner in the perfect cat shape by making its perfect wing. To get the perfect wing tape will help you a lot. You have to apply the tape in the position that when you start applying the eyeliner it will form the perfect cat eye look.

Enhance your cat eyes

You can also make the cat eye look better by drawing a pointed end at the inner corner of your eye on from that you will have to make the inner corner look pointed. It is very easy to do and you can do it with a few tries.


If you can’t do it even then you will just have to buy the eyeliner stencils that gives you the perfect
eyeliner to draw into.

Eyeliner sticker

To save more of your time you can also just apply the cat eye eyeliner sticker on your eyes.

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