eyebrows mistakes

While tweezing and drawing your eyebrows there sure some mistakes that seem minor at the moment
and not really important but in the end they will ruin your whole look. Having the perfect eyebrows is
something that you shouldn’t compromise on and making these mistakes can lead to a big disaster.
Most of the people don’t even realize they are making these mistakes until it’s too late and even though
eyebrow filling mistakes can’t be solved but with tweezers, you can cause damage worth for a few
months. Following are some of those mistakes.

Dark color

Choosing the darker color eyebrow gel or pencil may seem like the right choice while y oar buying
them from an online store but when you actually apply them they will make you look so artificial and
that is not the type of look you want to go for.


Over-tweezing your eyebrows can lead to the thinner eyebrows. You should be calm about tweezing
your eyebrows and make sure you take your time doing that otherwise in the magnifying mirror hey will
look big and you will keep tweezing them into tadpole looking eyebrows.

Wrong brush

While drawing your eyebrows you should always use a good eyebrow brush and choosing a wrong brush
will not be easy and will waste a lot of your time too. Moreover, it will not get the job done.

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